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Simple and usable sheet music... 

  • ...Chord charts that are full but versatile. 
  • ...Lead sheets that never go beyond 2 pages. 
  • ...Piano scores that actually give a piano accompaniment arrangement, not just a doubling of the melody line with a syncopated bass line.

At ChartSource, we’re making sheet music to bridge the gap between the traditional note-reader and the modern ear-player. Our sheet music provides the information note-readers need without losing the flexibility ear-players need to craft their own arrangements or change the plan on the fly. Think of it as sheet music for the practical musician - simple, clean-and-clear, user-friendly, and created to the highest degree of quality.

Why are we doing this? Because we believe in the local and diverse church. We believe in both the small time and the big time worship leader. We believe in the trained musician with graduate degrees and we believe in the working musician who loves to jam with friends in the evening. We believe that God is most glorified when these diverse people come together for the singular purpose of worshipping God. And we’re working to give worship leaders the sheet music tools they need to make that happen.


ChartSource's roots go back to 2012 when Zach Sprowls, an independent worship artist, started getting work creating sheet music for other independent worship artists who would then give or sell the sheet music to their audience so that their songs could be sung in churches.

Being a worship leader as well, Zach also created sheet music for and worked every week with normal musicians in his own church (i.e. the kind that work a regular job and don’t have a music degree).

The combination of these two worlds allowed Zach to see both the producer and the user side of the sheet music world. He saw that churches typically have a mixture of classically-trained note readers and ear-trained improvisers, that worship teams like to keep arrangements fresh, that musicians never like it when their sheet music is too long to fit on their music stand, and that the responsibility of a worship team is to lead worship not perform symphonies. And he saw that no one in the producer world was making the kind of product that these kinds of people needed.

So, over time, he honed his craft, creating a kind of sheet music that’s different from everything else out there. And in 2016, he launched this website so that more people could benefit from this kind of sheet music. It’s simple and it's useable. It’s made for the practical musician.